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Locksmiths are a vital service industry in our modern society.

Did you know that in most countries to become a locksmith requires 4 years of training? A locksmith is employed as an apprentice where they learn the skills necessary for becoming a tradesman locksmith. Next time you see a young locksmith, ask if they are still doing their apprenticeship and give them encouragement for giving their time to study and learn!

The locksmtih trade is continuously changing. Some of the biggest changes in recent times has been the explosion in access control and the introduction of transponders to car keys.

access controlAccess Control is the use of electronic codes, cards or keys or even a combination of the two for locking doors. The use of electronic keys and access control is more then just door locks. With logging it is now easy to see who is where in a building, the time of entry and exit and even if they attempt to enter a door or area they do not have access to.

With electronic access control it is also easy to assign access to a particular door or area. In a large institution or building such as a university or hospital being able to restrict access in very important. Locksmiths are able to set up access to a particular doors allowing only the right people to enter.

Transponder car keyThe introduction of transponder chips into car keys was a great advance in car security. The transponder is basically an electronic key that works along side the mechanical key or in some cases the mechanical key has been replaced altogether.

Locksmiths had to retrain to be able to meet the needs of the automotive industry. Now locksmiths are able to replicate car keys with specialised transponder cloning technology and able to reprogram cars when all the keys have been lost. As every make and model of car is very different in its electronic security system, locksmiths need a great wealth of knowledge and training to perform automotive locksmith work.

bilock high security lockLocks and security have also needed to be upgraded due to the spread of information on the internet. Techniques for opening locks that are sold by hardware shops and major chains were made available on video channels and forums across the net. With an increased number of break ins locksmiths saw a sharp increase in the sales of high security locks and replacement lock cylinder.

Now it is quite standard practice for a locksmith to install a high security lock as standard into peoples homes and business. You should always consult with your locksmith as to the best high security locks to install to your doors.

Safe VaultLocksmiths perform a wide range of duties and many locksmiths specialise in a particular area of locksmithing. Some areas include safe and vault work, access control, real estate work, automotive locksmithing, commercial, institutional locksmithing, and 24 hour emergency locksmiths.
Not all locksmiths specialise. Many companies can perform every locksmith task and will take any job that comes their way.

Be sure to always use a professional and trusted locksmith.